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Agoria is the system that gives you the ability to match your database with your members “Wants” and “Offers”.
Once a “Want” is listed, it is displayed to the members of the group. This allows other members of the group to make an “Offer” to satisfy the “Want”. In some cases the “Want” may need to be mediated by a local time broker who can identify “Wants” and arrange with others to provide the appropriate solution.
Each individual has the ability to list their “Wants” and “Offers” and respond to the “Offers” and “Wants” posted by others.  Where the individual does not have either the required skills or access to the internet, their needs can be handled by the Time Broker.
All details of the trades are recorded on the system by the Time Broker or the recipient. Once a task is completed, the receiver indicates the completion of the exchange and the time is credited to the goods or service giver.
Keeping control is the key to success. With Agoria you can manage your list of Members, Recipients, Volunteers, Supporters and Partners and your central source of information is always available to you. Delivery of messages by post or by e-mail - or a mixture of both - significantly reduces the time involved and the costs of material and postage.
You can target your mail by class and fee type, age group, location and many other search terms or keywords, allowing you to target you audience with your message.
The system is available all the time. Staff and volunteers can access the system from work or home, working at a time to suit them. This helps retention of volunteers and if their workload increases, the work can be shared easily.
For more on Agoria visit the website


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