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The ActivityForum Network

ActivityForum is a web based scalable network system for all it's members that allows Groups and individuals to communicate.

As part of a growing community, you and your Group will enjoy many benefits including:

  • Member forums and networking opportunities
  • Shared knowledge, services and resources
  • System and service improvements and new features
  • Attract  membership enquiries
  • Publicising events to a wider audience
  • Data and system security
  • Access your   information from the web

The scalable network is capable of infinite expansion. As your groups expand you can create subgroups and share memberships, committees and events.

Build your membership and your influence by adding groups.

Call Roger for your free trial period on 0333 2070704 or e-mail him at


You can create a network of clubs with a central hub or multiple hubs, this is the nature of many organisations from political parties, charities, voluntary groups, self help organisations and pressure groups . All have a voice all need to be organised and all need a way of communicating with their members.


Your organisation will be able to benefit from the scaleable nature of the network model, the ease of running and adding other groups into your own network.


Add cities and districts, towns and villages, areas and streets, it does not matter how many groups you add its all the same to ActivityForum.


You can give me a call for discussion and see how you can benefit from this solution, and how this can release your energies for the development of your organisation.

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