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Free Trial Period

We can set up a trial system for you.

You will be able to:


  • Add your own web pages
  • Add your members, and e-mail members
  • Publish your Events
  • Collect your subscriptions
  • Free telephone support

    Call Roger for your free trial period on 0333 2070704 or e-mail him at and get your your trial.

    Existing users of ActivityForum include:

    Basingstoke and North Hants IVC
    use the system to promote their social calendar and maintain communciations with their membeship

    Neighbourhood Watch in Woodcote Maidenhead
    - use the site to e-mail news from their NW co-ordinator and local issues.

    Viables Community Centre
    in Basingstoke - promote their facilities and activities, provide their user groups with the ability to populate their list of events.

    In New Cross Gate SE14
    Community Wardens maintain a community site
    for their area based on the different community Zones

    Friends of Jesus Hospital group in Bray Berkshire who support Jesus Hospita in Bray




    Save your group money and energy, retain your valuable volunteers by not overloading them.




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