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When you are using the system you can also collect subscription payments. The payment systems used by ActivityForum are:-


Secure Trading

World Pay
Direct Debit


Integration of web payment systems into ActivityForum's renewals system means you can track when members subscriptions are due for payment and send a suitable reminder. If a member has a recurring payment, when the payment is collected, the members renewal date is automatically changed for the new period.


ActivityForum provides these web payment options along with other payment types such a standing orders, cheques and cash. All payment options now have some form of assistance for checking the bank statement.  This includes reading paid standing orders from a bank CSV file and preparing the paying in slips by batch number.


ActivityForum is taking the strain.


ActivityForum is your Membership Management system

Payments Forecast

"After a few months of use the payments forecast system kicked in and after the first year we were able to see the renewals and new members"


This is a really invauable tool for the Association Manageement, although we could work from our own records we could not see our Geographical Groups or the Special Interest Groups.


These are both important to us because they are the only contact point of our members.


We have groups in different parts of the country, the methods of management of the groups are local with an affiliation fee paid to the association head office, the affiliation fee is based on their head count by member count, with ActivityForum this is now very easy.

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