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An ActivityForum site will consist of one or more Groups. Some sites are made up of only one Group and others are made up of many linked groups and sub-groups. These collections of groups and sub-groups are called HUBS or CLUSTERS.

You can create your own SUB GROUPS within a group to form an Organisation.

For example, a Neighbourhood Watch could be organised around a set of Co-ordinators where there is a main group for the local area. This main group would then be linked to sub-groups for each of the streets in that area to form a Neighbourhood Watch organisation.

A cluster may contain many groups and organisations.

The Group details will contain the main contact values of a Group such as the E-mail address, Web address and a Postal address along with the group contact name and phone numbers etc.

If you have any questions or need any help please e-mail or telephone 01256 533188

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