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Slimming World is a member of the Basingstoke network of groups.


Want to lose weight and NEVER feel hungry? Then Slimming World is the one for you.

Slimming World encourages healthy eating following either the Red Plan (Original), which offers unlimited meat, poultry and fish, or the Green Plan with unlimited pasta, potatoes, rice and grains. Healthy Extra’s to keep the diet balanced in calcium and fibre plus Syns of 5 to 15 per day to satisfy maybe your love of chocolate or wine.  As of January 2009 slimming World has made the plan even easier with their Extra Easy eating plan which is proving to be very popular with the existing and the many new members.

Two sessions are held every Wednesday in the Barn at the Viables the first starting at 5.15pm and the second starting at 7pm.

The group has many members and has a warm and friendly atmosphere with plenty of support and motivation. For the month of April 09 the sessions together had weight losses amounting to 25 stone 4 pounds.

At the moment Membership is half price so will only cost £5 plus your weekly fee of £4.50 so making your first initial class £9.50 and then £4.50 per week thereafter. If you are 60 or over the membership will be £9.25 and then £4.25 per week thereafter.

Want to know more? Then either come along to a meeting or call Bev Bryers the Slimming World Consultant on 01256 364761.

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