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Swindon IVC is a member of the AIVC network of groups.
Welcome to Swindon IVC

Swindon IVC is a sports and social club where members organise various activities for their club. We have around 60 members, currently the youngest aged 22 and the oldest member is 66. The club appeals to both single people and couples - many people join to find a social life after moving to the area for their work, others simply to expand their social circle. Most members live in and around Swindon. The organisation is ideal for people who may be new to an area, or want to expand their social circle after living in an area for some time and go out and do things. Swindon IVC is a part of the national Association of Inter-Varsity Clubs (AIVC) which currently comprises 46 individual clubs.

Activities which are generally published in the monthly programme, include meals, walks, cycling, pub/cinema/theatre trips, games evenings, parties, camping trips and other weekends away, video evenings, BBQ's, ice skating, 10-pin bowling, skittles etc. Anything in fact that one person wants to do and invite fellow members along to.

Regular Weekly events include badminton, table tennis, and club night, which is on Wednesday evenings in Old Town, Swindon.

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