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Basingstoke Cultural Forum is a member of the Campaign Group network of groups.
What is the Basingstoke Cultural Forum

The Cultural Forum is an integrated network and collective voice for the individuals and organisations that comprise the cultural sector of Basingstoke and Deane.  Its purpose is to advocate and champion cultural activity on a local, regional and national level.


The cultural forum will reflect the diversity of the borough’s community through inclusive, quality activity which helps to ensure equity and access for everyone.


The Cultural Forum aims to:
· act as a conduit for cultural activity and information in the borough, co-ordinating and supporting initiatives as appropriate
· inform and advise the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) and Borough Council on cultural issues
· influence the Community Strategy, the implementation of its action plan and the realisation of broader borough goals
· help demonstrate the effects and impact of cultural activity on community well being

Objectives of the Cultural Forum

The Cultural Forum will achieve its aims by:

· Nominating up to 2 representatives from the sector to the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) meetings.
· Regularly circulating an e-mail network list of cultural projects to forum participants
· Disseminating information from the LSP to cultural forum participants
· Inviting a representative from other Network Partners to our events to talk about key issues relating to the community strategy priority themes
· Providing a simple ‘who’s who?’ directory for cultural forum participants
· Planning and implementing other projects as appropriate
· Holding 4 forum representative meetings a year
· Keeping our aims and objectives flexible, focused and achievable

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