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Nottingham IVC is a member of the AIVC network of groups.

Preventing the next Genocide

Friday 18 Jul 2025
19:00 to 21:00 
St Peter's church next to Marks and Spencer Nottingham
United Kingdom  

This is an event to remember Srebrenica.  There will be survivor testimonies not only from Srebrenica but also Rhoinga and Rowanda and a discussion on fighting racism'

After the Nazi Holocaust people vowed it would never happen again yet within 50 years and again in Europe people were being targeted and exterminated purely on grounds of their ethnicity.

This event offer an opportunity to reflect on the causes of genocide and make a public or private committment to ensure it does not happen again

Contact: sue - 07788201454
How to find us: Meet outside St Peters at 6.30
Event Fee: Free

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